Agents of change turned out to be a “community based and community-driven program which was designed by the community members themselves “.  Mothers transformed this opportunity beautifully to seek solutions to the problems that are feasible and manageable to them.  Our sponsored family groups learned to partner together and work in a structured way with commitment towards a common goal.

We know there is a wide array of socio-economic disparities present in the community but agents of change helped us understand that “we do not have an overall solution for the varied issues in the communities but we together can initiate small changes which will augment the effort in impacting the issues and together we can grow. “

Total no of proposed activities by mothers- 39

Total no of activities implemented = 34

Total no of mother’s group involved = 40

No of mothers involved = 837


Families used this initiative in the context of their community needs that were affecting their lives, their family, and their community. This program empowered the families to take charge of their children and their community.

The mother came up with ideas to address the various community-based issue which is displayed as following-

Agents of Change (AOC) Initiative 2019-20- HYDERBAD PROJECT


The purpose of the Agents of Change grants is to encourage small groups to find ways to positively impact their local communities, embodying the CFCA  program world view characteristic, which says “Sponsored families are agents of positive change in their local communities”.

AOC Applications were invited from the community where sponsored family groups have been in existence and these applications were reviewed, approved, followed up by the AOC committee consisting of sponsored mothers at the project level.