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Government Interface: CFCA has a vision to empower the community for this it efforts to involve and invite Senior Government officials, professionals and social workers and organizes various awareness programs to empower and motivate the CFCA community. Officials from the bank and other government department come and participate in various celebrations in CFCA and share their views with the children. Through this interaction these officials witness what CFCA is doing, it also inspires them and they extend their full cooperation and support to CFCA and its sponsored families. Government officials also conducted many training such as for food processing, health and hygiene etc. this helps mothers to incorporate skills in them and thus it develops their IGPs (Income Generation Programs).

Summer Camps: Children keep busy in schools whole of the year. Summer camps get organised when children have vacations from schools and they can give most of their time to other activities which make them learn new and creative things. Summer camps are very exciting for the children as they all gather to CFCA learn and participate voluntarily to the activities conduct at CFCA keeping the need of children in mind. The activities such as career counselling for youth, personality development classes, letter writing workshops and computer training etc. these provide an environment of mutual learning; also to get connected with other members of CFCA.
The attraction of children to the summer camp is not only the training program, many leisure activities and games are also organised for them that boost up children and also, they could explore themselves with the help of these programs. These summer camps are not organise for children only, many trainings are also conducted for mothers such as pickle making, jewellery designing, tailoring, mehandi training, crafting and soft toy making etc. to boost the skills of mothers individually or collectively.


Celebrations: CFCA works with multi-cultured diverse communities, irrespective of caste, creed or religion. So, in order to keep these communities, bound together and to bring joy and happiness to all the sponsored families, various festivals are celebrated collectively in the communities. Not only festivals, CFCA collectively celebrates birthday of sponsored children. Many sponsors graciously send birthday gifts to their sponsored children. The main objective behind celebrating the birthdays of sponsored children is that many a time these children do not get an opportunity to celebrate their birthdays due to the financial difficulties at home. So, CFCA gives them a platform to express their joy and to celebrate birthday not only with the family members but with the entire community.


Correspondence:Communication/ correspondence are essential in building any relationship. An effective and proper communication helps in reinforcing the connection between sponsors and sponsored friends. Children within the program write letters to their respective sponsors, which include their academic performances, accomplishments, various activities, their past experiences and their day to day life.
Every year different categories of letters are being written by the sponsored child to their sponsor such as welcome letter (introductory letter), regular letter, child progress report and greeting cards etc. These letters bring in transparency and credibility in the sponsorship program and increases sponsor’s commitment to the program. For the assurance of timeliness and proper letter writing, CFCA organizes activities like letter writing workshops, this year we have taken an initiative to train educated mothers for writing letters and ensuring quality. This helps students/mothers meet their letter-writing requirement and develop good letter-writing skills. If the letters are written in the native language then they are translated into English to reduce the communication barrier between the sponsored child and sponsor. CFCA also responds to the query or special details enquired by the sponsor about their sponsored friend through letters. Apart from this, latest photograph of sponsored children, get uploaded every year.

Sponsors visit: These visits are very integral part in this program for the sponsors and sponsored children too. Many of the sponsors take out time to come and visit their sponsored children and families. These visits facilitate the sponsor to know and understand the child and his/her family better. This helps in reconfirming the decision of sponsoring a child. These visits also make the program transparent. This also strengthens the program and sponsor sometimes take decision to support not only one child but many other needy children. Individual sponsor visit (ISV) is an opportunity for a child to meet his/her sponsor and spend some time with them. These visits motivate the children to perform well in their studies and help in relating with the person who is providing such a generous help to them.
CFCA also organises awareness trips in which group of sponsors come to India to meet and spend time with their sponsored children and other children associated with CFCA. This also helps them understand the culture of India. It shows the clear picture to the sponsors that how their help is making changes to the lives of sponsored children and families. Thus, the bond of already existing friendship get strengthens.


Training Programs: For updating and equipping the mandatory norms of CFCA, its vision, mission and policies, the trainings for CFCA staff are also conducted. These trainings are not confined to policies and procedures of CFCA but accounting systems and practices. Every year at least 2 trainings for accountants and conference for Project coordinators get conducted. The principle objective behind these trainings is to update staff with statutory compliances and financial policies; also the implementation of the same within the organization.