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Gyani Devi

Gyani Devi

Gyani Devi: Aging sponsored: Bringing Positive changes in her life.


Gyani Devi belongs to the small and peaceful village of Nibi, Allahabad. The village is situated near the river bank of Ganges and away from the hustle bustle of city life. Gyani Devi’s house is made by clay or mud with thatched roof, a big open area which surround with paddy crop field.

Due to limitation of resources and illiteracy Gyani Devi’s had to face lot of hardship, and poverty was the major problem. Gyani Devi is a house wife, she has 3 children (2 girls and 1 boy). Elder daughter is married and younger daughter is staying at home, her son works in poultry farm. Her husband Mr. Ram Baran works as a labor. When the GVK sub project started in the community, Gyani Devi enrolled her son Ritesh in “hope for a family program”. But after few years Ritesh got retired from the sponsorship program. Gyani Devi requested sub project staff to enroll her in the sponsorship program in order to get livelihood assistance, and staff did cooperate her in the process. Soon she got a sponsor under aging sponsored category, but now Gyani Devi had to face another problem to write letter.

Born and brought up in remote village Gyani Devi was far away from growth opportunities and educational exposure, she was totally illiterate. But it was her dream to write letter to her sponsor by her own, so she took unique initiative to learn reading and writing regardless at the age of 5o. she started going to the community office every day, she practiced rigorously and with the help of staffs and mothers she learned Hindi alphabets and practiced letter writing. She got very delighted to get her first reply letter. Now Gyani Devi writes her letter by her own with great zeal and interest. With CFCA support now her livelihood condition has improved and she is leading a life with dignity.