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Komal: overcoming the barriers & moving towards bright future

Name- Komal Bind, Age-13 yr. Edu- 9th, Joined CFCA- 2010, Ch-Id- 657011

There are several differences between city and village among those few differences are availability of quality education, infrastructure and access over basic amenities. Komal belongs to Nibi villages, Allahabad, she is the elder daughter in her family, her mother Mrs. Saroja Devi is secretary of SMG group Asha Matri Samuh, she manages house hold work and also sells salt with support of CFCA. Her father runs a cycle repairing shop and younger brother is studying. In her area, the literacy rate is relatively low. Available schools are run by government where the quality of education is poor on the other hand private schools are costly or far away from home. Most of the people cannot afford to send their children in private school’s due to poor economic condition. Komal is a studious child and always performed well in school.  Her parents were not able to send her to good school in order to get quality education due to poverty.

Komal’s mother Mrs. Saroja Devi heard about CFCA: “hope for a family program” from mothers of her community. With her initiative and support from staff Komal got enrolled in the program that time she was studying at 2nd standard. When Komal was asked about her current circumstances, she narrated saying that initially she went to government school and due to power cut she was not able to study properly. Her parents work hard to earn the livelihood and despite all hardship they always supported Komal in her study. Now she is going to a good school and parents also availed her tuition. She likes singing and studying she always becomes first in her class and besides studies she actively assists CFCA community staffs in work, help mothers in maintaining SMG documents and translating letters.

Komal is now studying in 9th standard and aspires to become IS officer , she is also a member of youth forum. She is very thankful to CFCA for the assistance and providing a platform and opportunity to grow. She has developed self-confidence and is positive towards her career prospects and by overcoming all the barriers she is progressing towards a bright future.