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In the year 2018-19 Delhi project has conducted an evaluation of the remedial education center of Delhi CSA Subproject. The evaluation was intended to provide the efficacy of the remedial classes to the organization. It aims to help to broaden our understanding that how remedial teaching is beneficial for the children in the project. To make this exercise more qualitative we have included inputs from various stakeholders like, attendance records, academic records, interview with mothers and their neighbors. Through this exercise, we found that mothers of existing students have a high level of satisfaction with remedial education provided by CFCA.

They feel that their children are learning good habits here and their grades are also improving. Some families cannot afford to send their children in expensive private tuitions so this remedial education is boon for their children as they get extra support in getting a quality education. The students enjoy coming for remedial classes and most of the mothers mentioned that they never have to ask their children to go to remedial class instead the students themselves come for remedial class willingly.

These findings are further shared with the stakeholders and the remedial teachers to enhance the efficacy of the remedial classes and help them strengthen their understanding to provide optimum output.

Following are the major finding from this evaluation.