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Delhi Projects:

Delhi Projects:

CFCA- Delhi is working in the states of Delhi and part of Uttar Pradesh since 2004. CFCA believe that education is the fundamental key to development we extend our support through personal attention and direct benefits to children, youth, aging persons and their families so they may live with dignity, achieve their desired potential, and participate fully in society. CFCA believe in building community by fostering relationships of mutual respect and understanding. CFCA promotes and support cultural diversity, and working continuously to empower the marginalized families without prejudice.

CFCA is working continuously through community need based activities to bring sustainable development of poor families. CFCA believes that our sponsored members are the primary agents of their own development. CFCA

is creating opportunities so the sponsored children have access to education and enabling the sponsored mothers through various income generation programs and skill development training so they can able to develop an alternative source for additional income.

CFCA-Delhi is working in parts of Delhi- Pochanpur village, Dwarka Sec- 23 (Subproject DPP), Masjid Moth village (DSJ), Hauzrani Village (DSJ-H). In Uttar Pradesh we are working in 3 different slums of Agra (CSA) named as Basai, Goberchoki, and Kohlihai within the radius of 3-5 k.m from Taj Mahal. Further, in Uttar Pradesh we are also working inPrayagraj (Allahabad) and Nibi village with a total of 4163 sponsored children & families.

The sponsored mothers group is contributing to making mothers socially and economically more empowered and encourage them to create financial security for their family; which will lead to self-sufficiency.