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The change makers

The change makers

Life is what you make it and so proved by these mothers! Menka, Antrika, Bhawna and Geeta who has started an initiative to bring positive change in their life. They decided to start the cotton ball to generate some extra income to support their families because in this work they analyzed it will consume fewer charges for raw material (Cotton, food colour, packing polythene) purchasing, cotton ball demand is high in the community during festival days.

Mothers shared their ideas and a training initiative was taken by CFCA team facilitated training by liasoning with MSME (M/o Micro, small and medium enterprise Govt. Of India) further, mothers visited MSMEs centre and got all the relevant information about training.  Later they all took admission in the three months training program, the training was very helpful as they learned business strategies developed machinery knowledge and required skills.

Initially, they purchase 1 KG cotton and by this cotton, they made approximately 80 packets of wicks (cotton balls for lighting) and approximately their 70% prepared packets were sold and they got profit margin. With their mutual understanding, they all decided to use the surplus money to uplift their Income generation work and they are planning to expand the work by identifying more customers/market to sell their prepared items.

These mothers are examples and in the community, there are many mothers like them who belong to underprivileged families they have little freedom to take decisions but through motivation and opportunities, these mothers are slowly but steadily bringing change in their lives and improving their situation.


Creating opportunities...

The sponsored mother’s group have emerged as an effective mechanism of empowerment and as well as being on the efficient mode of promoting group action and livelihood Initiatives. In order to develop their capabilities through training programs for harnessing the benefits of value addition and for employment and income generation, CFCA team has laisoned with Govt. of India MSME & KVIC (Ministry of Micro, Small & Medium Enterprises & Khadi Village Industry Commission). The director of MSME also visited the training locations and conducted an orientation session for the mothers which helped these mothers selecting the training according to their need, interest and strengthen their skill up-gradation. From the wide array of skill development programs mothers selected food processing training.

The officials also agreed to provide training at the doorstep of mothers as it would have been difficult for the mother to go to ministry training centres. The training was provided to a batch of 20 mothers who have high school degree (min 20-30 members batch is prerequisite) on food processing like Pickle, Jam, Jelly Murabba, Squash, and Syrup & Sauce). This training proceeded for 1 month.

After completion of training, the mothers have received a formal certificate from MSME officials. Some mothers have started making pickle on an individual basis and 5 mothers together started making pickles and sell them in the community. In their first batch, they purchased 30 kg raw materials to make chili pickle and 90% of the material has sold out and they made a reasonable profit out of it.

Likewise, similar more training are planned for the mothers in 2019 to augment the capacity of mothers working to upscale their operations through skill development training, technology transfer, skill up gradation and hand-holding support.

Collective efforts.

In the modern scenario as the modern ways of plastic made crafts forayed into our household people living in urban areas started relying on them and it has resulted in downfall in terms of revenue. Though the mothers have basic knowledge in pottery making they felt the need to sharpen and nurture their skills in lieu of modern days demand. As an initiative to revive their trade, these members decided to upgrade their skills through trainings and CFCA supported them in the process by imparting knowledge about various trainings and schemes of Government and also laisoned with "Khadi and Village Industry, Ministry of MSME, Govt. of India" to facilitate the training. 20 members enrolled in 15 days training where they learned modern fine clay work, finishing, and molding. They also got the certificate from Government after completing the training and through this certificate, they will be able to access various benefits to promote this work through high amount loaning system, a subsidy which is availed by Government along with various schemes are also introduced for promotion platform through local fairs and markets. Now the mothers will be able to cope with the changing market demands and generate income to support their families.