Dignity of the Person

The dignity of each person is an important consideration in the structure and activities of CFCA. The people’s participation in society, along with having adequate food and housing, an opportunity towards education and to develop skills form a complete outlook towards the dignity of the person.

Integrity and Accountability

CFCA is responsible with the resources that the organization is entrusted with, and is consistent with the business practices.

Respectful Relationships

A relationship of mutual respect between sponsor and sponsored person is central to CFCA’s mission. As this bond is between families from different cultures and societies signifies the values of this humanitarian organization.



“Hope for a Family” sponsorship program aims for the following characteristics in partnership with sponsored members and their families:

Mutual accountability and support: Sponsored families’ form a support network within this; families encourage and are accountable to one other.

Decentralized decision-making: Sponsored families are encouraged to take the lead in the selection of personalized benefits and services as well as other key program decisions with the help of CFCA’s support network and internal controls.

Economic Self-Sufficiency: Enables sponsored members and their families meet basic needs through income generation activities, access to capital and sponsorship benefits. Over a period of time, families become self-sufficient through income generation activity.

Sustainability: CFCA’s sponsorship program aims to develop sustainable communities, who themselves take initiative and responsibility for the sponsorship program and eventually self-manage many aspects of the program with project staff serving as support resources.

Empowerment:  CFCA’s main program initiative is to empower marginalized groups to create equality, justice, and unity in their communities, which are addressed with an enduring commitment towards non-violence, dignity and long-term sustainable development.

Capacity building: Primary focus of the program is to create opportunities for families to develop their own capacity for personal and economic growth rather than focus only on the distribution of material goods.

Goal orientation: Through CFCA’s regular interaction with sponsored members and their families, it is ensured that they have clear personal and realistic plans to enhance their capability to achieve dignified status in society.

World View: CFCA sponsorship program aims to bring the marginalized people to a better position in their community and they act as agents of positive change in their local communities. These sponsorship programs help them realize that they are a part of a bigger movement in the world with responsibilities and opportunities to share their lives with their sponsors. They realize that there are others who are walking the journey with them and helping them to realize their dreams.

Culture of learning: CFCA’s project centre act as a cultural centre of learning, not only for the sponsored members but also for their families and communities, where they balance their reflection and action, define and measure outcomes and utilize results for continuous program improvements and adaptation to changes in and around them.

The community is trained in such a manner that they are eventually able to develop key programs independent of CFCA.