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Our sponsored child, now became IAS officer

S Muthu resident of Kupaiyanallur village, one of the interior villages of Tamil Nadu state, has selected for IAS and positioned as Deputy Collector of Jansi District, Uttar Pradesh. Recently he visited Chennai office to express his gratitude and shared that CFCA is with him in his difficult days and because of the help he continued his studies and became IAS. He also said that “I wish, CFCA should continue this wonderful work and help the poor children around the world to get good education

S Muthu

Deputy Collector of Jansi District, Uttar Pradesh


Our support helped Priyanka to join in PG College

Priyanka,  a post-graduate student studying for a master’s degree in psychology from Allahabad University in Uttar Pradesh, India.

•Her father was in private practice as a homoeopathic doctor, but he had an accident and he is paralyzed. CFCA gave support to continue her studies. Priyanka says that, “With the help of CFCA, I could pay my college fees and purchase my books. CFCA was an important support and the only support for my studies. Because of CFCA, I am here at this stage Thanks to CFCA.”



Mahesh Bhanothu is sponsored child in Hyderabad

Mahesh Bhanothu is sponsored child in Hyderabad project. He belongs to the lambada tribes. His father and mother works at a construction site. Mahesh dreams of becoming a doctor. Presently he is studying in second standard, in a reputed English medium school. Sponsorship support is helping his parents to continue his education in the English medium school. His father did not study much and he speaks Lambadi, he can't even speak Telugu fluently. So it became difficult to get the work in the local area. When Mahesh father observed that his son now ables to read English, he said to CFCA that “I am very proud that my son is able to read English also. I will do my best to realize my son's dream to become a doctor and thanks to CFCA for being with us.”r.