"Education is not a way to escape poverty; it is a way of fighting it." - Julius Nyerere

Limited employment opportunities forced Mr. Ram Narayan and his family to migrate in Delhi from U.P. The city offered him considerable work opportunity, but the cost of house hold necessities and education has far outweighed his income level. There are total 6 members and he is the only bread earner in the family. Mr. Ram Narayan is a carpenter and his wife Mrs. Urmila Devi is house wife. They have 4 children and Komal is the 3rd child, she has 2 elder sisters who are pursuing graduation, 1 younger sister studying at school. Komal is 11-year-old and studying at 6th standard in Navjeenvan Sarvoday Kanya Vidyalaya. The family is staying in a small rented room in Hauz Rani, Malviya Nagar. Due to unstable income the family is staying on borderline of poverty level.
Despites of all hardships Komal’s parents have always taken good care of their children in every way possible. But bearing educational expenses of 4 children was getting even costlier day by day. Though Komal is very young, still she is well aware of the family situation. Surprisingly all these hardships never made her lose spirit or feel demotivated. She is a very studious child and very talented also. Komal’s mother Mrs. Urmila came to know about CFCA from a neighbor and enrolled Komal in the “Hope for a family” program is the year 2012 and she is also the member of Utthan Mahila SMG group.
Things started improving substantially from thereafter, financial disparity is still predominant but CFCA support has benefited them a lot. Her mother quoted saying, “sometimes we had no money for buying stationary, and other necessities for Komal, CFCA support is a big relief for us.” Komal performs well in her exam and secures 1st position in her class. Science is Komal’s favourite subject and she wants to become a scientist in NASA. Besides studies, Komal actively takes part and performs well in extracurricular activities like, mental quiz competitions, poem reciting, chart making, drawing competitions etc. Her parents are very proud of her and always encourage keeping up good performance.
Education is the essential tool to ensure a sustainable and inclusive growth of the marginalized. In CFCA our mission is to help such children and their families like Komal and provide support so they can attain full potentials, rather than falling out due to their state of privation.