Sponsored Families

Livelihood Initiatives by Sponsored Mothers

CFCA organized annual workshop on Annual review and planning of 2017-18 in Delhi sub-projects where sponsored mothers told to CFCA staffs that they want to develop their skills for better livelihood opportunities. As most of the sponsored mothers are less educated and are household wives. These mothers wanted to learn something new and wanted to make constructive use of their free time to have some additional income. In the meetings various skill development training options are given to them and majority of the mothers indicated that they want to get training of electric appliances. CFCA Staff approached to owner of Somya Swaraj Company which makes and sell LED bulbs and organized training on assembling LED Bulb across Delhi Sub project. Initially training was organized in DSJ, DSJ-H and DPP. In DSJ there are 18 members took training of LED Bulb assembling but now after training only 7 members are working on assembling work. In DSJ-H, there are 9 members took training and now all 9 members are doing work of assembling LED Bulb. In DPP, there are 22 members took training of LED Bulb assembling but only two sub-project DSJ & DSJ-H are working on LED Bulb work. After the training the sponsored mothers took loan from their respective sub project to initiate LED assembling work. In the initial stage they found it difficult to identify markets for purchasing raw material and buyers. CFCA staff supported them and suggested them to sell the bulbs to the sponsored members. The response was encouraging as the mothers got positive feedbacks. They sold the bulbs in the local market also. Now they have set up their stall in local market and selling their LED bulbs. We are hoping that they grow more and earn sufficient income to fulfill their family requirements.