Trichy Project

The year 2019-2020 for CFCA Trichy Project is a successful one and has set a new benchmark in the execution of various development-focused activities. The project team adapted an innovative strategy to work closely with the sponsored children & aging and their families through personal outreach meetings and group assessments. The “Agents of Change” is one of the highlighted activities in this year where it provided opportunities for constructive leadership among the sponsored family groups through creating a social change.
Child sponsorship is the primary activity of the project with the aim of providing a long-term financial support and accordingly builds up a meaningful relationship with our supported families. The regular activities of this program incorporate enlisting the deserving children in the sponsorship program, letters and photographs correspondence, payment of monthly financial support to the beneficiaries’ accounts, visiting homes and following up retirements. This year under the sponsorship program, Trichy Project supports the lives of 5938 children, youth and senior citizens by giving the financial support to meet their educational, medical and other family needs. Because of the effective follow up, the project continued zero non-compliance retirement in the year, as letter writing is the regular activity of the project supporting the communication between the sponsor and children on regular basis.