Communication/ correspondence are essential in building any relationship. An effective and proper communication helps in reinforcing the connection between sponsors and sponsored friends. Children within the program write letters to their respective sponsors, which include their academic performances, accomplishments, various activities, their past experiences and their day to day life.
Every year different categories of letters are being written by the sponsored child to their sponsors such as welcome letter (introductory letter), regular letter, child progress report, and greeting cards, etc. These letters bring in transparency and credibility in the sponsorship program and increase the sponsor’s commitment to the program. For the assurance of timeliness and proper letter writing, CFCA organizes activities like letter writing workshops, this year we have taken an initiative to train educated mothers for writing letters and ensuring quality. This helps students/mothers meet their letter-writing requirement and develop good letter-writing skills. If the letters are written in the native language then they are translated into English to reduce the communication barrier between the sponsored child and sponsor. CFCA also responds to the query or special details enquired by the sponsor about their sponsored friend through letters. Apart from this, the latest photograph of sponsored children, get uploaded every year.