Government Interface

CFCA has the vision to empower the community through its continuous efforts to involve and invite Senior Government officials, professionals, and social workers and organizes various awareness programs to empower and motivate the CFCA community. Officials from the bank and other government department come and participate in various celebrations in CFCA and share their views with the children. Through this interaction these officials witness what CFCA is doing, it also inspires them and they extend their full cooperation and support to CFCA and its sponsored families. Government officials also conducted many training such as for food processing, health, and hygiene, etc. this helps mothers to incorporate skills in them and thus it develops their IGPs (Income Generation Programs). There are various schemes/programs are run by the government for the marginalized section. CFCA facilitated various training and awareness session to mother by government institutions. The objective is to improve knowledge on the factors necessary for accessibility and efficiency of the basic services required to increase their well-being and promote overall development.