Sponsors Visit

These visits are a very integral part of this program for the sponsors and sponsored children too. Many of the sponsors take out time to come and visit their sponsored children and families. These visits facilitate the sponsor to know and understand the child and his/her family better. This helps in reconfirming the decision of sponsoring a child. These visits also make the program transparent. This also strengthens the program and sponsor sometimes take the decision to support not only one child but many other needy children. Individual sponsor visit (ISV) is an opportunity for a child to meet his/her sponsor and spend some time with them. These visits motivate the children to perform well in their studies and help in relating to the person who is providing such generous help to them.
CFCA also organizes awareness trips in which a group of sponsors comes to India to meet and spend time with their sponsored children and other children associated with CFCA. This also helps them understand the culture of India. It shows the clear picture to the sponsors that how their help is making changes to the lives of sponsored children and families. Thus, the bond of already existing friendship gets strengthens.