Summer Camps

Children keep busy in schools the whole of the year. Summer camps get organized when children have vacations from schools and they can give most of their time to other activities which make them learn new and creative things. Summer camps are very exciting for the children as they all gather to CFCA learn and participate voluntarily to the activities conduct at CFCA keeping the need of children in mind. The activities such as career counseling for youth, personality development classes, letter writing workshops, and computer training, etc. these provide an environment of mutual learning; also to get connected with other members of CFCA.

The attraction of children to the summer camp is not only the training program, many leisure activities and games are also organized for them that boost up children and also, but they could also explore themselves with the help of these programs. These summer camps are not organized for children only, various training are also conducted for mothers such as pickle making, jewellery designing, tailoring, Mehandi training, crafting and soft toy making, etc. to boost the skills of mothers individually or collectively.