Livelihood Training

Interface with Government Institutions for capacity building of sponsored members

Training on Food Processing by Khadi Village Industry Commission of India

The collective effort of mothers and collaboration with Khadi Village industry commission of India MSME has enabled them to equip themselves with adequate skills and initiate livelihood activities. Recently 20 mothers from Pochanpur Village of Dwarka Sector -23 have received certificate from Khadi Village Industry Commission of India MSME Govt. of India, after successful completion of their training on food processing, they learnt to make pickle, jam, murrabba, sauce etc. The certificate was awarded to them by Principal of Khadi Village Industry Commission of India MSME Govt. of India.

Pottery Making

As an initiative to revive the trade of pottery, the mothers from Hauz Rani decided to upgrade their skills through trainings and CFCA supported them in the process by imparting knowledge about various trainings and schemes of Government and also liasoned with “Khadi and Village Industry, Ministry of MSME, Govt. of India” to facilitate the training. These mothers will also receive certificate from Government once they complete the training and through this certificate they will be able to access various benefits to promote this work through high amount loaning system, subsidy which are availed by Government along with various schemes are also introduced for promotion platform through local fairs and markets.


There are various schemes/programs are run by the government for the marginalized section. CFCA facilitated various training and awareness session to mother by government institutions. The objective is to improve knowledge on the factors necessary for accessibility and efficiency of the basic services required to increase their well-being and promote overall development. Government officials often visit CFCA and disseminate the information and train sponsored mothers. Most of the awareness trainings were conducted by Directorate of Training Government of Delhi/NCR and mothers participated in them.

Various skill development training’s

Mothers in our programs are encouraged to develop income generation activities in order to be self-sufficient and to support their families financially. Skill development trainings are conducted to train mothers and the community on new improved skills and IGPs. Mothers at our subprojects are involved in a lot of livelihood programs like food processing unit, jewellery making, candle and incense stick making, masala centres etc. are among a few. These training are provided by various governmental institution like- Department of horticultural.