Evaluation Program


We have developed a concept of “Remedial Classes” to help students who are due to many facts, lagging behind in their studies. In Remedial Classes, they are being taught subjects according to their need by following the respective school curriculum. The homogeneity among students is being traced and they are treated accordingly. Remedial teacher majorly focuses on activity-based learning and teaching through practical experiences which is easy to grasp and familiar to students.
The remedial education supports students to strengthen their basic knowledge in different subjects, master the learning methods, build their confidence, and enhance the effectiveness of learning. Through conducting an evaluation we wanted to assess the change we expected to produce in their attitude and mindset towards education by doing a comparative study between remedial students and non-remedial students.


  • To assess the effectiveness of Remedial classes by analyzing improvement in academic performance of enrolled sponsored students.
  • To assess the change in the social conduct of sponsored students who are enrolled in remedial classes concerning students who are sponsored but not enrolled in Remedial classes.
  • To highlight the attitudinal changes surfaced among mothers and the community as a whole after the intervention


During our discussion mothers shared that they have observed positive changes and they appreciate the remedial educator for her ability to build caring relationships with students. Mothers acknowledged that the additional educational support is economically feasible and they are very satisfied with the quality education imparted in the remedial center. Private tuitions charge a high amount and some are far away from their home. The majority of respondents felt that remedial education is positively impacting the child’s education, by strengthening weak subjects, helping them write their own letters and classes are providing means of recreation.
The monthly attendance average of the student coming to the remedial classes shows their consistency and continuity. The students enjoy coming to the remedial center. The students and mothers are both secured in the remedial center’s learning environment where they feel more encouraged to ask questions and can learn through different interactive activities like- audiovisual classes and have access to the community-based library.
The mothers are more aware of their child’s education and prioritize higher education, the higher awareness is also intertwined with greater involvement with their children. The majority of our respondent mothers were illiterate, the remedial education helped them a lot to review the performance of their children and understand the importance of education which helped them support their children more.