Name- Rashika, Age- 21, Edu- BFA (3rd yr.) Joined CFCA- 2005 Ch-id- 254661

Rashika is associated with CFCA- ALD from the year 2005 since its inception, she resides in the Mumfordganj area of Allahabad. Rashika is pursuing BFA (3rd year) from Lucknow University. She has 3 siblings, her elder sister got married, and brothers are pursuing higher education. Her mother Mrs. Shobha Devi is a house wife and father Mr. Ramesh Kumar is a cashier.
Rashika used to study in Umrao Singh Inter College and later joined “hope for a family program” when CFCA: ALD started functioning independently. Drawing used to be her subject of interest from childhood, she enjoyed experimenting with colors and different shades. Growing up she started focusing on art even more and after careful consideration she decided to opt career in fine arts. Rashika describes that CFCA was already providing assistance but pursuing BFA was a big decision. Earlier her father was doing mere job so it was difficult to look after 4 children and it would be difficult for him to assist Rashika. Having engaged with “Hope for a family program” boosted her confidence and encouraged her to move forward.
Rashika has to purchase boards, acrylic colors, dry pastel and oil paints on regular basis but she does not have to put extra burden on parents and can manage the expenses with the monetary support. There are so many art forms out of which “Mural Painting” interests her the most. After completion of her Bachelors she is planning to pursue Masters in fine Arts from Shanti Niketan. She narrates that her paintings are closely connected with her feeling and try to capture a story through her painting and she is very happy to be able to follow her dream.